Show Customers Your Best Face through

Brand Photography & Videos

From headshots to action shots, to brand videos…

Custom imagery is the human face of your business — and showing that face is more important than ever before. Customers are constantly bombarded with marketing, so they look for humanity. Who can they trust? Who cares about their problems, and not just the money to be made off their problems?

I capture photos and videos that show your heart and personality. We’ll use visuals to show how your solutions work and why they’re best for your ideal client. And as you build trust, you’ll build sales, too!

Custom imagery elevates your marketing

Automated marketing is all about making better connections with your clients. But stock photos can make your timely emails or social media posts feel generic. Bring warmth to your automation with one-of-a-kind photos and videos. Together, we’ll elevate your emails, social media, website and more.

Brand Photography Package ($997)

I’m a firm believer that picture day should make you feel good about yourself. We’ll start this session with hair and makeup for any team member who wants it. Then I’ll take your headshots. I work with each team member to make them feel comfortable and take a portrait they can proudly share. From there, it’s all about capturing you in action. I’ll take photos to show you engaging with clients, working on products, and even making silly faces for memes. After the editing process, you’ll have about 50 action shots you can share in every part of your marketing.
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Brand Video Packages

Bring your business to life with brand videos. Your video package is a chance to show your products in action, share your company’s values, explain how you help people and more. We can bring in your clients to shoot customer testimonials. Or you can take us behind the scenes with a tour of your facility. Tell me your ideas, or I can help you think through the possibilities. Whatever your needs, we’ll create a custom filming plan to fit them.
$997 - Up to 60 minutes of assorted videos
$499 - Up to 20 minutes of assorted videos

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Headshot Packages

Your headshot shows up everywhere these days: LinkedIn, your company website, speaking engagements, author bios and more. What story does your headshot tell? Is it current? Do your personality and warmth shine through? One of my favorite things is helping people relax in front of the camera so their photos look personable and authentic. I’ll work with you to create a headshot that you’ll feel confident sharing wherever it’s needed.
$499 - Three headshots with hair and makeup
$299 - Three headshots, no hair and makeup
$199 - One headshot, no hair and makeup

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It’s time to breathe new life into your marketing.

My goal is to create the business photo and video sessions of your dreams. Let’s talk about your vision for your business. Together we’ll take your business
from mysterious to approachable
from outdated to vibrant
from generic to one-of-a-kind

Brand videos and photos can positively transform your business. I can’t wait to show you how.
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