About Rita Thomas, Certified Automation Specialist

Let me be your guide so you can regain precious hours and make your business thrive.

I love working with business owners because I’ve been there. I spent a decade building a photography business while also working a day job. It was incredibly fulfilling — and it was a struggle.

I wanted to touch every client at every stage of the process. I wanted them to feel connected and supported. But there weren’t enough hours in the day!

Then I discovered automation.
Strategic automation made it possible to communicate at all the right times. It gave me more time to think through the in-person parts of my operation. It made my business more human. And it ran so smoothly that I could keep working my day job until I had enough business to quit.

Now, as a certified Keap partner, I help other businesses discover the power of automation.

In a way, I see myself as a mechanic. I take a look under the hood, analyzing the systems you have in place and figuring out what’s broken. Once we get things up and running, I can take over your routine maintenance, or I can teach you how to keep the engine running yourself.

I bring my whole self to the process. I’ve folded business photography and videography into my automation services, helping clients beautify emails, landing pages and more. And as a United States veteran, I carry a strong sense of integrity and self-discipline. I love to laugh with my clients, but they also know they can depend on me for business solutions that work

Automation transformed my business, and it can transform yours, too. Let me show you how.

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